Amber Mimz Sings Under the Cherry Moon w/ Summer Night Acoustics



On a cool summer Saturday night, The Couch Sessions got to experience the wonder and amazement of Amber Mimz at an intimate backyard show, “Summer Night Acoustics”. Amber Mimz has been a soul artist who has situated herself into DC’s indie music scene for a little more than a decade now and she continues to bring her love of live instrumentation to fans and friends alike. I really appreciated the show’s unique twist; as it was held in the back courtyard of Under the Sun Hair Studio where fresh fruit salad (which was amazing), a small cash bar and a vending table showcasing her line of jewelry, 2322 were being sold.

For an emerging artist, she definitely thought out the box with this one. As you walked into the well lit patio area in the back, one could not help but feel transformed into a positive space where the vibes were hypnotizing the crowd and Amber Mimz sat on her throne crooning with her acoustic guitarist, Ronnie. She and Ronnie took us through a full set and in between each song, Amber took questions from the audience. Track after track, those who knew her music, sang to the lyrics, swayed, snapped, and hollered for more. Summer Night Acoustics was held to showcase her latest EP, “Three” which Amber told us is so special to her as it was her 3rd release and her way of sharing a project that stood for her perseverance and tenacity in fulfilling her journey of sharing music with the world. In between songs, Ms. Mimz took some challenging questions, with patience and grace. I have shared some of the questions and answers below:

CS: What is your process for writing?

A: I love the feel of my piano keys and Ms. Mimz shared a quote about “If a writer writes about you, you can’t die.”

What are your stress foods?

Jubilee Ice Cream (local ice cream spot), Panera’s Chocolate Chip Cookie, Noodle and Company’s Rice Crispy Treat (this was immediately put on my bucket list to try) and Talenti Salted Caramel [gelato].

You have an emotional undertone of healing in your music. Is Music your way of healing and expressing?

I never thought about my music that way (insert laugh) but it is a form of purging and expressing. I love music, I love the feel and sound of live instrumentation and it’s such a lost art. As a producer, I am in love with sounds

What Drives you to Sing?

I like tossing and love love love music and love creating it. I love being in a room surrounded with it. What keeps me doing it—its’ the Love.

What Advice would you give to artists who are out here struggling to be heard and what advice would you give them on pushing and moving forward?

Believe in yourself. Be in your own lane and stick to your guns.

What is next up for Amber Mimz?

London and pushing my jewelry line and hair accessories. I am going to continue to make art for her life and not be afraid.


This show is definitely one of my favorites this year as it is a perfect example of artistry by creating a lane for highlighting her music as well as her  jewelry, and“hair sprinkles” for locs, braids etc.  During the show she stated to the audience that she is not a vocalist who does “runs” and that singing in runs should not be a “indicator” that you are a good singer or not. She stated that she can only do what she knows and that is to sing from her heart and it shows. She is a continuous rising star to watch for. To check out some of Amber Mimz musical talent, check out her website.