VIDEO: Tourist – Too Late

The latest video from London electronica maven Tourist (William Phillips) offers a pretty faithful taste of his live shows. On “Too Late,” Phillips huddles over his boards, stringing together beats and grooves in a shroud of lasers, light bars, and smoke.

While Tourist’s music is built for the club, tunes like “Too Late” sound equally good on earbuds, with the vocal ping-pongs creating an enthralling effect. And Phillips knows his way around a tune—in 2015, he took home a Grammy for co-writing Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me.” On “Too Late,” a pitched-down male voice hammers home the hook, and is joined by a lighter, female-sounding one. The catch: They’re both actually Tourist’s voice, digitally altered to create a distorted duet.

Catch Tourist live at Panorama on Sunday, July 24. He’ll be appearing from 5:05-6:05 pm on The Parlor stage.