TICKET GIVEAWAY: Michael Christmas at the Black Cat

Boston MC Michael Christmas thrives in a slow tempo world. His latest, the free Baggy Eyes EP showcases the rapper’s languid-not-lazy flow over downtempo R&B and G-funk-style production. Christmas drops deep NBA and WWE references and rhymes about everything from playing Xbox to watching anime, all the while flashing his ready wit. On “Paranoid”, he reminisces fondly about the stripper he promised to shout out, then proceeds thusly:

Goddamn it man, what the fuck was her name?
Britney, Brenda, Mona, Candy, something
Told her I don’t leave the crib for nothing
Groundhog day every day Bill Murray
Cause I’m in the same fit and my face still furry

He’s not all jokes, though. “Get Up” is less an invitation to the dancefloor, and more a chip-on-shoulder rejoinder to haters’ critiques (“Way too ugly, way too funny, way too big, and way too real/Way too crazy, sleep too late and lately he ain’t got no chill…”). If he hadn’t already embraced any one of those slights—and flipped them all to his advantage—well, he just wouldn’t be Michael Christmas.

The Bring Yo Friends Summer Tour delivers Christmas and Tunji Ige to the Black Cat on Wednesday, June 15. Chicago’s Tobi Lou and Maryland’s own Innanet James will open the show. Doors are at 7:30 and more details are available on the Black Cat’s website here.

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Bring Yo Friends Summer Tour