FOOD: Whiskey Burger [Brooklyn]

While looking at Greenpoint restaurants on Yelp the other day, I came across Whiskey Burger.  Right off the bat I was interested.  It didn’t look like anything particularly special at first, but when I saw they had a $30 for $50 deal I figured why not, right?
After a night at my new favorite bar, Milk & Roses, I was really hungry and remembered the Yelp deal.  Whiskey Burger is only a couple of blocks from Milk & Roses so I called them up to make sure the deal could be used on a Friday night (you never know, sometimes there is fine print that you excludes weekend nights!) and sure enough, it could be used any day of the week.  Even better.
Walking in, Whiskey Burger looks just like a regular bar.  A very clean, but very regular bar.  It was a little dark but there were a lot of people eating, which is always a good sign.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell how good the bar food is if most people are only drinking.  My boyfriend and I both decided to go with the whiskey burger, which included those frizzled onions, cheddar, bacon, whiskey sauce and fries for $14.  That may not immediately sound like a deal, but if you think about it, it definitely is.  A plain burger can be $14 and each additional add on is at least $1 more so for most places, this burger would be closer to $19.
The burgers were ready so fast it was unbelievable.  And when you’re hungry that has to be the best feeling in the world.  They were huge, covered in toppings, and the fries were to die for.  They were salty and not too potato-like (I don’t really care for fries that have a lot of potato skin still on them).  We also had two beers so when the bill came in at just under $50 and we only paid $30 we were happy to say the least.  I couldn’t even finish my burger despite my hunger so all in all this was definitely worth the trip to Greenpoint and certainly worth getting the Yelp deal.  It’s currently still being offered and I would highly recommend jumping on that ASAP.
Whiskey Burger
1025 Manhattan Ave
Greenpoint, NY 11222