Jazz Cartier Shuts Down The Belasco in LA

This past year has been monumental for Red Bull Sound Select artist, Jazz Cartier (a.k.a. Jacuzzi LaFleur). Last spring his Marauding in Paradise mixtape was released, grabbing the attention of rap critics and fans;  proving that Drake isn’t the only Torontonian that can turn the rap game on it’s head. While MIP functioned as a stage for Jazz to introduce himself and prove his skill and versatility, this year’s Hotel Paranoia is the stout, cohesive missile that’s set to propel him to the forefront of the rap game.

Intent on separating himself from the rash of newcomers and proving his showmanship, Jazz has been perfecting his live show and putting on electric performances across the US and Europe over the past few months. Last week, in conjunction with Brownies and Lemonade and The Well, Jazz brought this revamped show to Los Angeles’ Belasco Theater, for his first LA show since the release of Hotel Paranoia. Opening acts Pollari and Gio Dee held the stage down early. Pollari was on stage crew thick, while Gio Dee was feeling the crowd so much that he hopped offstage for part of his performance. After the crowd took a slight breather in between set, SuperDuperBrick jumped behind the turntables to amp them up again. Between SuperDuperBrick’s ill visuals and having his crew kill the running man challenge onstage, the energy was set perfectly for Jazz Cartier.

Clad in white pants, a black hoodie, a black snapback, and wayfarers, Jazz started the set focused and intense. With the crowd rapping along to every word while he soaked them with water, he launched into “Talk of the Town,” “Red Alert,” and “Stick & Move,” amongst others. The Belasco erupted when Jazz crowdsurfed while tearing down “Dead or Alive.” The hoodie, cap and glasses were off at this point, as the energy and temperatures had reached their heights. In true LaFleur fashion and keenly aware that he killed the set, Jacuzzi closed the show by crowd walking while performing “True Religion.”

This was Jazz’s first time headlining in Los Angeles, but with his sound, energy, stage presence, and crowd control skills, this definitely won’t be his last time.