FOOD: Adelina’s [Brooklyn]


Sometimes in the city, it can be really hard to venture outside of your own neighborhood.  While I love the East Village, I have been meaning to get out to Brooklyn, Greenpoint in particular, and I find myself getting incredibly lazy and opting for some place to either eat or drink that doesn’t involve a subway ride.  But on Friday night, I made my way to Greenpoint to Adelina’s and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while.

I kind of don’t even have an excuse for not going to Greenpoint more often than I do because it’s really so close.  I was there in about 30 minutes, which door to door, isn’t bad at all.

My first impression was that Adelina’s was very small but very romantic and had that Brooklyn feel that you just can’t get in the city.  We had a reservation (which we were 15 minutes late for but they were very accommodating) but even if we didn’t, I don’t think it would have been a problem.  This is not something I’m used to.  I’m used to having to wait for anything, especially on a Friday night so this was a pleasant surprise.

We were brought to a table that was pretty much on top of another table, but in New York, and even Brooklyn, you just come to expect that.  And I didn’t mind.  The ambiance was quiet and relaxed–absolutely perfect for a date or catching up with a friend you hadn’t seen in a while because you could actually talk.

The wine list was what I looked at first, of course.  They had some very reasonably priced bottles (the cheapest being in the $30 range and of course increasing from there) but they also had different sized carafes.  I love it when restaurants have carafes.  Sometimes I want to share a bottle, but this was actually perfect because we could each have a little over a glass but not quite two full ones.  Always a good bet when you’re going out after!  We had the Sauvignon Blanc, perfect for a night that felt almost like summer.

There were a couple of specials, and while we weren’t planning on having any appetizers, we had to order the burrata.  Whenever it’s an option, there’s no way I can say no.  And in this case, I was so glad we did.  The burrata was perfect and it came on a bed of arugala with tomatoes.  I prefer burrata with simple ingredients–let the cheese speak for itself.

Next up, we shared a pizza.  We opted for the one called The Truffler which was a white pizza with truffles and mushrooms.  It was out of this world.  The dough was a little doughy for my taste, but it was still very good.  Because the crust was on the thicker side it was quite filling.

Perhaps not realizing how full we would be, we had also ordered the lobster ravioli.  I thought the burrata and pizza would be my favorites, but I was absolutely blown away by the ravioli.  There was so much lobster in each bite and it just brought me right back to summer.  Between that and the wine, I really felt like it was July instead of April.

I know for a fact we’ll be back–the relaxed vibe and delicious wine and food was more than we could have imagined for a casual Friday night.

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159 Greenpoint Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222