MUSIC: PBS brings “Live At 9:30″ to your TV sets and your Internets!


2-9-2016 11-44-55 AM

While some people are weeping the end of Downton Abbey and the fact that Sesame Street has shuffled over to HBO of all places PBS has decided to keep it popping with new content. The most interesting of which is, “Live At The 9:30” a variety show filmed at DC’s famed 9:30 Club. Since you people are at home not paying your taxes, Squarespace has stepped up to help fund the program which is currently set for 12 episodes (you can also watch it at their page on The first season seems to have a bunch of solid acts with people like, Ibeyi, Jesus And The Mary Chain, and the Arcs performing along with Henry Rollins, Hannibal Buress and other’s assisting with the hosting. You can keep track of the happenings for for “Live At 9:30” at: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Watch the teaser reel HERE!!