LIVE: KING Returns to the East Coast


Sometimes it’s about more than the music.

On Friday, February 5th, KING graced the stage of Le Possion Rouge in New York City. Unlike a lot of NYC shows, the usually jaded crowd swooned in admiration. The response was so overwhelming that even the usually reserved members of the band were starstruck.

But why? Why are we so enamored about KING? Well, first of all, as any marketing class would tell you, scarcity breeds a psychological reaction, prompting us to want more. Almost 5 years ago, the LA-based threesome debut what many would still call one of the best EPs in modern R&B. The three songs on The Story were a melodic melting pot of lush soul and airy backdrops, giving American R&B a fresh new perspective. But just as they arrived….the group disappeared into obscurity.

But there is more than just music. It’s what KING represents. To be honest, Amber, Paris, and Anita could’ve sat on stage and read the songbook and the reaction could’ve been the same. KING represents empowerment. Seeing Paris make beats and play live keys shows an aspiring female producer that there is way to do what you love in a male-dominated music arena. Seeing Anita and Amber fierce harmonies gives aspiring singers the will to go out there and create new harmonies for the world.

The show began with “The Story”–which is most likely the track that you pressed play on 5 years ago–and craftily morphed into several selections from their just released album (this was their release party after all). Tracks like “Supernatural,” “Red Eye,” and “The Greatest,” made their impact on the audience (with the former showcasing the crowd knowing all of the lyrics), but it was “Hey” that got the most acclaim. If you are a die hard fan, then this is the song you fell in love with, and it showed.

After a hiatus, KING is now in the driver’s seat, and they are not going anywhere. Let’s just not hope for another 5 year hiatus before their return to the East Coast.