FOOD: Maite [Brooklyn]



photos by Michael Tulipan

I think most people will admit that as much fun as New Years Eve can be, it’s also a huge hassle and often a let down.  So this year, my friends and I decided we would go to a casual dinner in Bushwick and watch the ball drop back at a friends place.

Lots of restaurants on New Years Eve have crazy prices with more courses than you need an a “free” champagne toast.  Honestly, who needs all that?  What we wanted was good food at a casual place with our friends.  And with Maite in Bushwick we got just that.

Our reservation was for 9 people at 9pm so that we could get back around 11 in time for the big event.  So first of all, we called that week, thinking it was likely they would be booked already.  And lucky for us, they said it wouldn’t be a problem.

In we walk at 9pm and it’s everything I wanted it to be.  Clearly a Brooklyn, Bushwick in particular vibe going on of people dressed in regular everyday clothes, no sequins or funny hats.  And the ambiance is just as casual.  They have a great beer, wine and cocktail list on a chalkboard above the bar and I opt for a cider and am pleasantly surprised that they have quite a few to choose from.  That is not always the case.

For Bushwick, I think the menu is more expensive than I thought it would be, but for Manhattan, the prices are perfectly average.  And for New Years Eve, it’s cheap as anything.

We share appetizers for the table, including the burrata, which is amazing, as it always is.  I think I could eat that everyday and never get tired of it.  But what’s special about Maite’s version is the squid ink.  Most were wary and a little taken aback but I dove right in and it was so good.  And because some were too afraid to try it only meant there was more for me.


For main courses most of us went with the burger.  And for $15 I had pretty high hopes.  And honestly, I don’t know how to fully describe how good this burger was.  It was as if the meat was marinated in something incredibly salty but so delicious, with a fried egg on top and covered in cheese.  When I was halfway done I was trying to make plans to come back again just so I could have the burger and I wasn’t even finished with it yet.  It was definitely one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.  And I’ve had a lot of burgers.

Maite was not only a great choice for New Years Eve, but a great choice for anyone looking for a good meal and a good time in Bushwick.  The ambiance was perfect, the service was great and the food was incredible.

159 Central Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11221