REVIEW: Space Captain – In Memory

Space Captain - In Memory

The Brooklyn-based septet of Space Captain are aptly named: their intrepid excursions venture deep into galaxies of jazz, psychedelic rock, downtempo, and soul, to name a few. In Memory, their first proper EP out next month, offers a fine sampling of the group’s free-form spirit.

As a brief but hardly passive intro, “Screams” sets the framework: a dialing in of otherworldly frequencies. “Landing/Up in the Hills” cycles through drum and bass fractals before locking in on a chill, astro-lounge feel (think: Air circa Moon Safari). And “Still” amply delivers on its title with a dreamy brand of ambient jazz. But it’s the majestic “Two” that best captures Space Captain’s strengths: weaving a captivating, musical story arc that matches Maralisa Simmons-Cook’s roving, lyrical voice. On “Two,” the dial flips from swelling R&B to a dizzying psychedelic jazz break that practically hurtles you through a supernova of sound.

The production on In Memory is light and unfussy, preserving the band’s live instrumentation vibe. It’s up to Space Captain to weave the aural magic on their own. In the space of this EP, they do exactly that.

In Memory will be available everywhere on February 26th from Tru Thoughts.

Space Captain