EVENT: On A Boat at the Village Voice’s Holiday Spirits 2015


[all photos by Conor Rose]

This is an embarrassingly late post because I am the worst and got so drunk on the Village Voice Holiday Spirits booze cruise that I barely remember what happened. I just wanted to sample some of everything, okay? And that was the point, right? To try everything and just remember the ones that really stood out? The main point anyone needs to know is that it was so much fun – I’ve already gone on and on about how Village Voice can do no wrong when it comes to events, and you honestly can’t top a drinking event on a boat (even if it poured the whole time).

This article is really written by my photographer because he is smarter than me and took notes (in italics) on our alcoholic thoughts. I will assume that this list is of the spirits worth mentioning and remembering for later, so under that assumption, below is our most accurate picture of our account of Holiday Spirits.


Suerte tequila anejo – These girls were fun and there were four different types of tequila. I remember drinking it straight and for tequila (I’m not normally a fan) it wasn’t bad.

Electric company cookies – ConEd (maybe? maybe not?) was giving out free cookies.

INTENSE ginger liuor w cider – By intense we meant both literally and that it was Barrow’s Intense, the company. The most gingery thing I have ever consumed in my life, and I mean that in a good way. We tried it straight, then mixed. I was battling a pretty tough cold at the event and all the ginger (along with all the other alcohol consumed) killed all the germs in my body.

Zico beach – the coconut water brand set up a “beach” and served as a great alternative for those who needed a break from alcohol. We were dumb and didn’t drink responsibly so we didn’t have any Zico.


Mcclures bloody – This, I do remember. Bloody Marys are weird because sometimes they can taste like alcoholic soup and then sometimes they’re awesome, and this was more than awesome. Pickles are McClure’s main thing and then they started making Bloody Mary Mix with the leftover brine which was a genius idea. It’s actually so good that it’s 9:12pm right now and I’m craving one at this moment. Raise your hand if you serve McClure’s Bloodys at your bar, ’cause I’ll be there.


Prarie cucumber vodka – Prairie offered three types of cocktails – The Cape Codder (vodka with cranberry, sparkling water, and lime); Gin & Tea (gin with Witches Brew tea, tonic, and lemon garnish); and the one we tried because I love any alcoholic drink with cucumber – the Garden Fresh (cucumber vodka, mint, and sparkling water).



Bootlegger HIGHLIGHT. Rosco ny, so easy, vodka , then their gin is based on the excellent vodka. We got a special tasting of the whiskey, 43%, yet smooth. Taste stays w youAfter the event, Conor and I have probably talked about how much we love Bootlegger at least once a week and we look for it everytime we hit up a liquor store. We raved about it so much at the table that the guy snuck us a taste of the whiskey that wasn’t normally being offered and we went nuts. This was one of the spirits that clearly stood out in my mind despite my drunkenness and everyone should go try it.



Brooklyn winery, had the chard. Light, vg – I know nothing about wine but I know this was good and I know we had other wines too…

Titos cider cold – I love everything Tito’s goes into and at these kinds of events they usually pour this citrusy elderflowery thing, but they switched it up this time with a cold apple cider, which was a good change!


Tanteo tequila later – I don’t know why the word later snuck in here, but they had a Jalapeno Margarita that was definitely drank at that moment and liked it.

DSC_0080Califia farms nog – ???? – after an incident long ago involving a White Russian and too many picklebacks, I am averse to milky alcoholic drinks but the ‘nog was A-OK, as seen depicted by the thumbs up.


Steve of queens courage – the monarch. Founder Brooklyn gin – bees knees, herbal u know – I actually don’t know. But this was the very first thing we drank and we were smart to take a photo of the cocktail sign which is telling me that The Monarch is a cocktail containing Queens Courage Old Tom Gin, sweet vermouth, maraschino liqueur, and orange bitters. I just remember Steve being really friendly and knowledgeable and you should go support what he does.

77 brooklyn wheat whiskey – If it’s whiskey, we probably liked it.


Kings county distillery – chocolate whiskey tasted DARK ???? – Kings County Distillery is awesome and everyone needs to go visit. I’ve already had the chocolate whiskey multiple times at these kinds of events and at the brewery but can never turn down a chance to taste it again. Can someone start regularly putting this in cocktails in NYC bars?



Iron smoke. Upstate. Apple coder whiskey is tha shit – self explanatory.

Four roses punch w whateva yo – Not self explanatory, but upon closer inspection of the photos it was Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon, grapefruit juice, lemon juice, honey, and angostura bitters.

At the end of this event you try not to think about all the different kinds of liquids mixing around in your body and I am feeling slightly nauseous right now writing this. Moral of the story: try everything I tried, find some Bootlegger, and as always, if you’ve ever thought about going to a Village Voice event and you never have, you can pick any of them and you will turn into a Village Voice event addict like me, attending every single one.