The Weeknd Brings the Madness to the Verizon Center in DC

photos: Victoria Ford/Sneakshot Photogrpahy

Is there a method to the Weeknd’s Madness? Because that’s what you get when you put rapper Travis Scott and singer Banks on tour with The Weeknd,  you get an arena FULL of screaming women–which is pure madness within itself.  DJ Lil Panda warmed the audience entertained before rapper Travis Scott took the stage. Scott, who has a sold-out show at the Fillmore in Silver Spring on Tuesday, ran through crowd favorites in a dimly lit stage with his DJ perched above. The audience started to migrate to the front of the arena with Event Staff telling the patrons to return to their seats, Scott noticed what was going on and told the Event Staff, “No, don’t do that. Let them rage, if they want to crowd the aisles let them rage.”, luckily no riots ensued.  There was a shift with the crowd when Banks emerged on stage. She made sure that you kept your ear and eye solely on her. The audience sang and swayed with her as she had her fans in the palm of her hand. After a decent intermission break next up was the ruler of the madness.

As not to give away too much of the tour details –have to leave something for ya’ll to look forward to. I’ll tell you that his stage was pretty dope, and even the VIP standing room area on the left and right of the stage offers the superfan an excellent view of Abel.  Now, you guys know he ran thought the hits, “The Hills”, “Prisoner”, “I Can’t Feel My Face”, a medley of songs that included “Crew Love”and more.

Now the answer to my previous question; Yeah, it’s safe to say that the Weeknd has a firm grasp of the Madness and all that comes with it. If you want to witness it for yourself, look below to see if you can catch The Weeknd on tour