MUSIC: Alchemist feat. Migos and Mac Miller – Jabroni

When I read about this combination my brain almost exploded. On one corner you’ve got Alchemist, who is responsible for some of the best dark and dusty sampled boom bap rap in the past twenty years. And on the other you’ve got Migos, the current overlords of disposable trap music, and Mac Miller, who once upon a time was the poster boy for white hip-hop privilege. It’s done for a limited 45 inch vinyl series called: Craft singles, and despite all odds; it’ s great. Everyone brings their A game and rather than Alchemist switching his style up he brings the MC’s to his world and they fit right in. Migos member Takeoff hit it with the double time flow as if it’s an MC battle at 106 and Park. Mac Miller came in smooth as butter soft leather seats on a car (in his case probably a Prius). It’s pure classic hip-hop through hand through, and well worth the listen.