Going to brunch has become a staple of living in NYC and being a 20-something that is trying to keep the day drinking dream alive, while feeling adult and classy about it. My friends and I are often willing to grab just about anything that can be washed down by a bloody mary or mimosa, Egg located in Williamsburg showcases a southern spin on simple ingredients cooked to perfection.  Their menu features dishes such as biscuits and gravy, duck hash, organic grits and eggs, and a lunch time fried oyster sandwich all ranging from $9-$15.

As breakfast is served all day everyday (lunch starts at 11:30am) we thought it would be a great spot for a double date on a hazy Sunday afternoon. My boyfriend’s friends arrived just before us and put our names down, after a short wait (walk-ins only) we were sat in a charming white room with rustic tables. The child in me squealed as I realized they had crayons on the table for doodling on the paper table cover!

At a restaurant named Egg I naturally felt it was only right to order a cheddar omelette, served with broiled tomatoes and hash browns (I substituted kale because that’s the cool thing to do these days) $12. It was almost too beautiful to eat… but I did so gladly! I wouldn’t be calling it brunch if I didn’t try a mimosa made with fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.

Evan Hanczor the Executive Chef and my boyfriend’s former fraternity brother focuses on letting the ingredients shine, he keeps dishes simple and uses high quality local ingredients. Since we had a friend in the kitchen we were spoiled and sent out broiled grapefruit with mint, if I were more of a morning person this would be my daily breakfast.

I can’t wait to return and try other options on the menu! until then I left with a signed copy of “Breakfast: Recipes to Wake Up For” by George Weld and Evan Hanczor, and I will attempt to create some of the delicious dishes at home.


109 North 3rd St, Brooklyn NY

To call: 718 302 5151. Walk-ins only!