BadBadNotGood Lights Up The Tower Theater in LA

Red Bull kicked off an exciting weekend for their 30 Days in LA series in an unexpected way. Instead of leading the way with a hyped up party/concert, the 20th night’s lineup was super jazzy and soulful. Red Bull Sound Select artists Charlotte Day Wilson, Sam Dew, and BadBadNotGood were all scheduled to take the stage at the beautiful Tower Theater in Downtown Los Angeles on this Friday night. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Sam Dew was unable to perform, but the team behind 30 Days in LA wouldn’t allow this snag to ruin the show. As a last minute addition, ArtDontSleep associate, Gaslamp Killer, took to the turntables and spun an eclectic set of jams that spanned a number of genres and continents. Folks that were familiar with him and his style were nodding their heads noticeably from the entrance. Folks that weren’t, made their way towards the stage to figure out who this guy was. It was a pleasant surprise for all in attendance.

The energy changed once alt-soul singer/writer/producer Charlotte Day Wilson took the stage. Sporting black, playing the guitar, and utilizing a reverb pedal, Wilson gave a stripped down performance of newly released songs. Being onstage alone is a new experience for Wilson, who was previously flanked by band mates in the group, The WAYO. The vibes are the same, but the spotlight is strictly hers now. With her sultry voice and calming performance, she illuminates the room.

That soul and passion was the perfect mixture to get the crowd ready for jazz band, BadBadNotGood. Although they are usually a trio consisting of Alexander Sowinski, Matthew Tavares, and Chester Hansen, they took to the stage with frequent collaborator and multi-instrumentalist, Leland Whitty. BadBadNotGood wasted no time amping up their set. They started out strong with a cover of Flying Lotus’ “Putty Boy Strut” before smoothly gliding into their jazzy rendition of Kaytranada’s “Kaleidoscope.” Later in the show they brought Charlotte Day Wilson back onto the stage to add an extra layer of warmth to a song. The crowd obviously dug the addition and vibed out. Although this would’ve left the crowd satisfied, BadBadNotGood had 2 additional surprises in store. The 2nd guest, Columbian singer Kali Uchis, took to the stage for her 2nd 30 Days in LA performance that week. The crowd gravitated to her, as they did the Sunday before, when she performed the Kaytranada and BadBadNotGood produced track, “Rush,” from her 2015 EP Por Vida. After she left the stage, their 3rd and final guest grabbed the mic and glided onstage with a few 1-2 steps. Sam Herring, lead man from the band Future Islands, encompassed the night’s mood. With his dance moves and passionate singing, he seemed to be an extension of the band and the crowd; fusing together the experience for all who watched. After he left the stage, BadBadNotGood raged on and so did the crowd.

It was a night filled with fiery energy that set the crowd ablaze. Many left Tower Theater inspired and ready to create… one way or the other.

photos: Red Bull Content Pool