MUSIC: Savages – The Answer

I have gone to my fair share of punk and metal shows over the years; there’s something about the immediacy and energy of the music that tends to lend to a good show either by an enthused(although periodically sloppy) performance by the band or roused up audience becoming a spectacle onto itself. They tend to be very male centric spaces; something about the posturing and attitude gives off a vibe that’s very bro.

A couple of years ago I saw Savages play a CMJ event at a skate park and it was the best show I saw that year. Just forceful heavy hitting rock that seemed to make the many other male fronted bands I saw that year seem tame. After their first critically acclaimed album they are back for a second round this January (22nd to be exact, on Matador), and they released a clip for the first single, “The Answer”. While the video does a good job of showing how they are live; trust me it’s something that needs to be experienced live.