LIVE: The Ruff Pack – Who? The Name Says It All!!



Photo courtesy of Rusic Records.

There is only one word that comes to mind when you see The Ruff Pack perform live- EPIC!  The Ruff Pack are a trio consists of Stephan KondertDaru Jones and Matthias Löscher. Putting talented musicians in their own solo right together, makes all the sense in the world but when you add some of the special guests who were in the building and invited to the stage, now new celestial heights are reached!

This trio performed at Liv Nightclub on a comfortable fall night (shout out to Omrao Brown, owner of Liv, for bringing great bands to DC and supporting local artists).   Although the house was not packed, the notable musicians that came through to check out The Ruff Pack were like a DC Grammy night! Kokayi  (producer, writer, singer, hip hop artists and one of the first Hip Hop Ambassadors chosen by the the United States State Department) and Aaron “Ab” Abernathy (vocalist/musician) blessed the stage along with W. Ellington Felton, whose innovative yet socially conscious rhymes flowed gracefully over the three piece band as it magic was happening right before your eyes. W. Ellington Felton is a well -respected performer/host that has been active in DC’s Creative scene for over 20 years.  Felton , who studied at Carnegie Mellon for four years, is like a fine wine, he keeps getting better with age. Zach Cutler, bass player too many global stars and local indie artists alike said “I am not on the stage tonight but I am excited to just come check out the set”.  Stephan plays that lead bass as if he is in his own world but he stays tuned in to his band to create music laced with jazz influence, strong hip hop drum (provided by Daru Jones) and the second bass, Matthias Loscher. Daru Jones is a famous drummer as he has worked with global stars such as Slum Village, Talib Kweli, Nas (w/ National Symphony Orchestra) and been a consistent member of the Jack White band. This was my first time checking out The Ruff Pack but I strongly suggest that if they hit your city that you cop a ticket quick! To say it will be a night to remember in musical history would be putting it lightly! There latest music is available on their BandCamp and for more information on where you can check out their next tour dates, click here.