In Case You Missed It: Christine and the Queens – No Harm Is Done ft. Tunji Ige


When i was in France last week, I was blessed to hear some amazing music, many of which are still rarely heard outside of francophone countries even in this age of streaming.

One artist I’ve grativated toward was Christine and the Queens, nee Héloïse Letissier. The artist from eastern France has been making waves in her home country, and she’s aligned to take over the US, with an English-language album, and a club tour with Marina and the Diamonds (NYC dates sold out!).

Music wise, her sound fits in perfectly with other trendsetting women, such as St. Vincent and Florence and the Machine, with a bit more of an electro vibe. The album so far is excellent, but it’s her combination with Philadelphia hip-hop artist Tunji Ige that really caught my attention.

As she explains:

“I had one day in a NYC studio to start a song from scratch, with Tunji in the room. I knew him because one of my dancers was listening to “For us” on tour – what a striking song. I thought : even though we have different lives, we both write about feeling lonely, about watching everything from this weird angle – when you feel oddly out of the picture. Anger came to me as something I could try to write about – articulating it is probably the first step towards action. No Harm Is Done is a picture of the moment before : before something happens, before we choose in which fight we want to engage. But for now, our hands are just slowly raising – it’s a warning for what’s about to come. After that, everything came quickly : the melody, the rhythm, the colour of it all.”

It’s rather amazing when these collaborations come together.