MUSIC: Big Grams – Goldmine Junkie


Back when Outkast was still up and running(aka the good old days), Andre 3000 was seen as the weird one, the one who brought in a bunch of outside influences outside of the usual rap tropes and gave the group their edge. On their split record his side was praised for its eclecticism (jazz! 60s’ pop!) and with its hit single of “Hey Ya” kind of stole the shine. The thing is Big Boi’s side was as out there. He’s brought in pure soul, funk, and live instrumentation…along with keeping his rhymes razor sharp and in pocket. Since the hiatus Big Boi’s only gotten even more eclectic and this Big Grams project, collaboration with the band Phantogram, is another example of how much Big Boi likes to play with genre and hip-hop. Here’s the latest single from the project, “Goldmine Junkie” which finds a way to bring classic ‘Kast (the happy piano line during the verses) and grand pop Phantogram does so well (the bridge) together into a great song.