SCREEN: Adventure Time season 5 Blu-Ray/DVD

July 14th saw the Blu-ray/DVD release of Adventure Time season 5. Jake the Dog and Finn the human take on a gambit of seemingly acid fueled adventures in 52-episodes that appeal to the child, teen and snarky adult in all of us.


In the 20 plus year history of The Cartoon Network we have been treated to some of the most uniquely twisted additions to the world of animation. What was once considered alternative teen based programming in the 90’s (Ren & Stimpy, Beavis & Butt-head) has become commonplace entertainment in child entertainment. Adventure Time, created by Pendleton Ward, is an Emmy-award and Peabody winning series that debuted in 2010 and has gained a diehard fan base spanning many ages. All you need to do is pay attention during Halloween or at a regional comic-con to notice the popularity of the many characters. Taking place in the land of Ooo, the show follows Finn and his pal, the magical dog Jake (voiced by John DiMaggio who you may recognize as Bender from Futurama). With friends including the Bubblegum Princess, Lumpy, Tree Trunks and other candy based beings they are often at odds with the Ice King (voiced by Tom Kenny, SpongeBob himself).


Season five spares none of the twisted visuals and themes we’ve grown to love. The first 2 episodes revolve around a plot to end all life, Prismo the pink grant wisher, a cosmic owl and a hot tub. Don’t ask. It’s better you watch for yourself. Just don’t use any substances before hand because it might be too heavy to handle. Oddly enough the episodes are colorful and safe enough for a child to enjoy unlike the flagrant line crossing of Family Guy and even The Simpsons. Other stand outs include “Glitch Is A Glitch” which is an episode done in crude digital animation, “Simon & Marcy” where a child Marceline the Vampire and pre Ice King hippie Simon venture a dystopian city and “The Suitor” in which the Princess is courted by men and is probably the first cartoon ever to mention “peacocking” as a pick up strategy.


Adventure time thrives on the absurd and bizarre without losing site of the simplicity and, dare I say, innocence that makes it endearing. So go with the gang to “a cliff under a tree” and vibe out with some pizza while binge watching this insane, but enjoyable, collection with your kids or grown-up friends.


Season 5 of Adventure Time is available now everywhere on Blu-ray and DVD (Cartoon Network/Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group) and features the exclusive “Adventure Time Forever” bonus feature.