MUSIC: D.R.A.M. feat. Donnie Trumpet – Money


While the 2015 summer hit is easily Trap Queen if it was left up to me D.R.A.M.’sCha Cha” would be the song of the summer. It’s melodic, fun, and when the current queen of pop gives it a nod you know that it’s a force. While D.R.A.M. could easily fade away as a one hit wonder, the imagination that went into that song made me think he might actually stick around. His newest track, “Money” shows more of that imagination. It’s built off a stark serious sounding piano line; something you would imagine at the end of a Radiohead album. After a few bars it ramps up with triumphant horns (provided by Change the Rapper associate Donnie Trumpet) and starts to knock. Like Cha Cha, it’s the kind of song you wouldn’t automatically expect to hear on the radio, but once you do it just works. And I expect the same here.