LIVE: Vivian Green @ The Howard Theatre [DC]

Who can deny the sweet angelic face and passionate vocals of Vivian Green? Ever since her hit single “Emotional Rollercoaster” hit airways and black movie soundtracks, Vivian “Viv” Green stole the hearts of soul music lovers back in 2003. Vivian blessed the Howard Theatre on the evening of August 20th, with her talented band and two beautiful Nubian vivacious curvy back up singers.  Vivian crooned to a packed house and thoroughly rhapsodized the crowd. She actually stated her favorite album is”Vivian” which came as a surprise to me and other audience members.

If her audience only knew that not only is this soulful princess-like creature a crooner, she has a more important role here on this earth, one of Mom to a special needs son.  Her son Jordan was diagnosed as a baby with  a rare illness which Vivian had to come to grips with and most of her fans don’t know that for a second, she contemplated suicide hearing that if her son may live no more than 7 days.   Well Jordan is still here beating the odds and is featured on the intro on her latest release Vivid Vivian went from singing the blues of lost love on “The Love Story”, what I coined her caterpillar stage to blossoming into a beautiful butterfly on “Vivian”. I believe women identify with Vivian because although her delicate petite frame with the short haircut (so glad its back) and the huge hoops is what every true woman aspires to be- a nymph-like goddess who glows from the inside out. We see ourselves in Viv.

She shared her emotions vocally at Howard Theatre as she performed crowd favorites like “Beautifully Young”,  a cover of Sade’s “Is it a Crime” (which she did add the disclaimer to us that she would “try” to give it justice} and it went over lukewarm to the crowd but being the entertainer she is,  Vivian Green redeemed herself during the second set. With humility and grace and in true indie artist fashion, she was gracious enough to give her background singers shine and one in particular, Kia, is going to be a headliner one day, because she took the audience to church as she said she would by singing her blues with a gospel twist. The crowed erupted in a roar when Vivian went into “Gotta Go Gotta Leave” and the crowd sang the entire first verse for her. VG showed up and showed out unlike the first part of the show, where you could tell she was a tad nervous.

Her great crowd interaction and angelic glow made her seem like a butterfly spreading her wings as Vivian perked up towards the end of the show, ashe bowed her head and spoke to the audience as if she absorbed the positive strong energy of the acts that came before her on that stage. Giving in to the crowd’s wishes by performing “Frustrated” and a few other songs from her catalog, Vivian rounded out the night with “Get Right Back to My Baby”,  she showed us that, she still had it in her to carry the title of female vocalist. And because this Tinkerbell-like singer has graced us here on earth with her musical talents for over 13 years, make sure you go cop her new album, “Vivid” available on iTunes.