FOOD: Walter Foods [Brooklyn]


Big group birthday brunches stress me out.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who shares this sentiment.  It’s a pain to split a check a million ways, remember to bring cash, and to pay for stuff that you didn’t have in order to make settling the bill easier.

Before All Day I Dream last Sunday, my friends and I went out for our other good friend’s birthday.  This isn’t to say I wasn’t excited to see everyone, but as usual, I was a little nervous.  The chosen spot ended up being Walter Foods in Brooklyn, sort of in the middle of the Bedford and Lorimer stops.  It was a really hot day and they ended putting us on the back patio which turned out to be perfect because it was completely covered.  I’m normally a huge advocate for sitting in the sun, but this day was just beyond hot.  So right off the bat I was impressed and ready to have a fun day with my friends.

We had a reservation for noon, but didn’t all arrive until 12:30 which was no problem at all.  Another check in my book.

The brunch menu was also pretty standard, but then again, quite good.  I had the breakfast sandwich (pictured) which was unreal.  All that food for $8!  The sandwich itself was huge, the photo isn’t doing it any justice, and the hasbrowns were so good.  I love crunchy hashbrowns.  Some of the others had pancakes, waffles (also on the menu was chicken and waffles), steak and eggs, and some sort of eggs in a dish with melted cheese on top.  Amazing.

Drinks were moderately priced at $11 for brunch cocktail and around $7 for a beer.  And when the dreaded check came, our server happily split it whichever way we wanted.  We ended up breaking up the table into groups of 5 and could pay in cash or credit, either way.  All in all it was a really great afternoon spent outside with amazing friends and even better food.  I highly recommend Walter Foods for your next big group event or brunch with a smaller group!

Walter Foods
253 Grand Street
Brooklyn (Williamsburg)