LIVE: Donnie at Blues Alley in Washington DC



On a crisp quiet Thursday night in Georgetown., an epic moment was about to happen courtesy of Frank Sheffield of SEI Entertainment. After being literally being in solitude  for over a decade, Lexington Kentucky native, Donnie, was about to perform to a crowded house in Blues Alley. At 10:10 pm, the melodic infectious grooves of the band, Sound of the City, Donnie took the stage to heavy applause. No longer sporting his nappy crown but still classy in black slacks and black shirt, he began to sang. Now if one didn’t know Donnie had gospel roots, I found out where that voice Donnie possesses came from, the Most High filling his soul as both his parents are ministers. Donnie started the show with some less well known songs from his second album and one standout new track “I Need a Job” gained the audience trust that the man they knew and loved was back!

Donnie‘s first album, The Colored Section, was a menagerie of sociopolitical themes with in your face lyrics that wasn’t afraid to shake up society. After growing up in the AnteBellum South, you can feel the pain of our ancestors who picked cotton and were segregated. Even still, Donnie has an artistic way, of expressing classic Black pride that seems so lost in this generation. Back to the show –  issuing words of gratitude and explaining to the crowd that he went through some things of his own causing and sharing instances of how negative actions can be one’s downfall – the band began to play Big Black Buck, a classic ragtime tune that characterizes people in society who make various decisions that may not go with modern day society’s expectations of what characterizes a good citizen. With two amazing background singers, who clearly are time enough for this royal voice, and Biscuit Bynum on drums, the audience sang and swayed as if they were back at a juke joint in a country backwoods. Soul stirring animated Donnie had his eyes popped out, his hip snapping , and that huge voice wrapping his arms around the audience yet activating them to feel the lyrics.  When he broke into “Cloud 9”. The rest of the show picked up from there when the fan favorites like “People Person”, “Beautiful Me” and ” The New National Anthem” giving this thirsty audience what they came to see. You know you have a classic album when people are singing your songs verbatim over 13 years later. If you are a true music aficionado and don’t at least own The Colored Section, you are truly missing out on a great work of art and true soul!