FOOD: Healthy Eating [NYC]

In an effort to eat a bit healthier and get ready for summer, I thought I’d share my favorite healthy restaurants!  Here are three with really great healthy options that have more than just salad.  Salads can be really great, but most of the time, I need something more.
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Various locations (UWS, Chelsea, West Village)
The Blossom on Carmine Street is right near my office so when I’m looking for something healthy to eat, this is a great place for me to go.  Their quinoa dish is HUGE and so good!  I always get two meals out of it which is even better.  And the Brussels sprouts are actually to die for!  Don’t let the vegan label throw you off, even if you’re not vegan, Blossom is a great place to go.
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527 Broome Street NY 10013
Chalk Point Kitchen is a nice option if you’re looking to either hang out for a while with friends or impress people from out of town.  It’s a bit pricey to just go whenever you want, but their salad bowls and veggies for the table are definitely worth it!  You’ll feel good eating here for sure.
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17 Orchard Street
This is kind of a tough one because the entire menu isn’t exactly healthy (case in point, the bacon cheeseburger) but if you have enough will power (and it’s not even too hard because the menu is so good!) then you will be perfectly happy, satisfied, and already planning your next trip.  Another place along the lines of Chalk Point Kitchen that is great for a night out or dinner with the parents.