TRAVEL: NYC to Montevideo, Uruguay for $500 #FlightDeal


So FYI, The Flight Deal has been my go-to site for snagging last minute travel deals, and if you missed their crazy $500 Johannesburg deal but still need to leave the country, you are still in luck. They just posted a deal from NYC to Montevideo, Uruguay for $500 round trip, with taxes and fees.

Montevideo is not really on the travel guidebooks like that, but it should be. The capital of Uruguay is a mad cheap destination, and only a short ferry ride away from Buenos Ares, Argentina. Airbnb private rooms start at $15 bucks a night and a full apartment can be found for around $75 a night. If you’re staying a bit longer, Gol airlines offers affordable flights to Rio or Sao Paulo Brazil as well.

However, be warned, it will be winter in the Southern Hemisphere. Thankfully the temperatures are around the 60 degree range.

More information at The Flight Deal.