MUSIC: Coup Sauvage and the Snips

Washington DC group Coup Sauvage and The Snips are bringing a message to the underground. Black music has always had roots in the struggles of the inner city from Jazz to Hip-Hop and even the debaucherous sounds of Disco. What better way to exorcise your weekly demons than on the dance floor.


Their EP, Psalms From Ward 9, is a 4 track remix album of Hipster Dance tunes that range from comedic to poignant. It kicks off with “(Don’t Touch My) Hair” remixed by Le Tigre’s JD Samson. It brings you back to the heyday of NY underground dance, Paradise Garage style, with a hook sure to be a club girl anthem.


Track 2 and 3 are the vocal and dub versions of “Requiem For A Mountaintop”, a timely homage to those who have passed including Eric Garner and Amadou Diallo, unarmed men who have died at the hands of Police. “We are dancing for solidarity, we are dancing for our survival” is stated as if at a street rally.   The production leaves something to be desired compared to “(Don’t Touch My) Hair” but the message all but makes up for it.


The final track is “Sneaks” (Maegan Sauvage Remix).   A minimalistic House instrumental, the track has a strong groove and ambient vibe worthy of a Los Angeles boutique hotel lobby.  In all, the EP takes you in 3 different directions: Hipster hot spot, protest rally and Euro lounge. Not terribly cohesive, although it is a remix album.  Psalms is a unique listen that has me curious about what else Coup Sauvae and The Snips have in store.


Psalms From Ward 9 can be purchased on the groups Bandcamp page.