MUSIC: Death Grips – Powers That B

Screen Shot 2015-03-17 at 10.13.28 AM

After more then a few shenanigans like leaking their own albums and canceling tours the Death Grips officially called it quits last year. However being deceased has been pretty good to them as far as productivity is concerned; in the interim they dropped an instrumental album, a few videos, current rehearsal footage, and are about to drop the second half of their double LP, The Powers That B, on March 31st. Add to this an initially fake looking twitter account that confirmed future touring plans, but has since been shown to be run by the band themselves.

The latest track they released off the upcoming album is the title track, “Powers That B”, which focuses on what Death Grips does best; angry ranting and obnoxiously hard hitting synthesizers. It’s in stark contrast to the awesome guitar and prog rock infused depressing suicide ode, “On GP” that they released last week. You can listen to it below, along with footage of the band hanging out listening to “On GP”