MUSIC: Bjork – Lionsong


When we add up the modern musical geniuses of the era in the future, Bjork will make the list. Even ignoring her otherworldly voice, masterful blend of electronics and strings, along with her strong visuals, are unparalleled. Its just so unique, that you would be hard pressed to find anyone trying to bite her style (well, almost. Sorry boo). Her latest album Vulnicura is her best in a decade and will make more then a few top ten lists by the time we hit the end of 2015.

While it’s a dark album documenting the breakup between her and her long term parter the artist Matthew Barney, at the same time it’s also a rejuvinated Bjork who’s hitting her stride. Lionsong is one of the standouts in the albu;, a mix of subtle but oddly hard hitting drum programming, beautiful strings, and her voice achingly documenting a phase of the breakup, “Maybe he will come out of this loving me
/Maybe he won’t” with solid melodic play. Check out the video below: