MUSIC: Juicy J – Don’t


Let me get this out of the way: I love Juicy J. In a genre where the fans can easily forget you six months later(We miss you Trinidad James), the fact he’s two decades in a career and able to reap the rewards for a genre he basically helped invent in the 90’s in his Three 6 Mafia days (their lumbering dark bass heavy production is the zygote that birthed the little trap babies that you hear pumping out of random cars) is awesome. He just dropped a new mixtape, Blue Dream and Lean 2, and it’s great. It’s got the bass destroying nihilistic bangers that everyone loves but but Juicy breaks character with ‘Don’t’ which samples Common’s Golden Globe speech decrying police brutality and the lives it affects before Juicy J starts with “God Bless America, Home of the Brave/We ain’t picking cotton no more, but we still slaves” before directly confronting police brutality in America. It’s heartfelt and as a direct indictment of shitty policing as I have heard in the last six months. Listen below: