FOOD: Tompkins Square Bagels [NYC]


I’m writing, there are two bagels on my coffee table.  Let’s call it, “research”, ok?  But in all seriousness I woke up this morning desperately needing a bagel…or two.  And as I placed my order on Seamless (oh yes, you can avoid the lines at Tompkins Square Bagels–and pay with a card I might add!) the recurring thought came to mind: what should I write about this week?  And when my bagel(s) arrived at my door I thought, New York (or those who don’t know about the wonder of TSB) need to know.

As a New Yorker, I know good bagels.  The city is certainly full of good bagel spots but I can honestly say I have never known a bagel to be as perfect as those at TSB.  Having moved to the East Village a few months ago has proven to be the best for me discovering the best of the New York food scene, that’s for sure, and TSB is one such discovery.  People who live near know exactly what I’m talking about so let me paint a picture for those who have not yet experienced bagel bliss here.

Tompkins Square Bagels is on Avenue A between 10th and 11th–you will know when you get there because there are usually people standing around outside wondering if the line is really worth it.  If you hit it at the wrong time (or the right time?) the line can be outrageous.  I’ve definitely waited 30 minutes for a bagel before, and while it was worth it, I recently discovered that TSB is indeed on Seamless which is a no brainer for me.  Plus, if you go to the actual location you’ll notice it’s cash only; something I’ve come to realize is a trend downtown for sure.

Anyway, I digress.  But TSB definitely makes the best bacon egg and cheese bagel sandwich I’ve ever had.  This place is worth the trip downtown if you don’t live here, and if you do, then I’ll see you next Sunday.

Tompkins Square Bagels
165 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009