EVENT: NYC Winter Wine Festival [NYC]


I’ve always liked wine, but as I get older I can definitely see myself starting to appreciate it more.  Instead of looking for the cheapest bottle at the store, it’s more about taste and what I actually like.  Novel idea, right?

So this past Saturday I was able to attend the sixth annual NYC Winter Wine Festival.  It was the perfect opportunity to fine tune my wine knowledge.  I arrived at the Best Buy Theater in Times Square to a surprising number of people.  I’m not sure if this is held in the Best Buy Theater every year, but I certainly hope that next year they change it up.  While the atmosphere was pleasant, the set up and layout was just a bit too awkward for an event with this many people.  I wish the space was more open instead of a theater.

I thought the wine selection was great, over 60 different tables all with several different bottles to try and everyone working the event was incredibly nice and helpful.  The food was decent, kind of what you’d expect: cheese crackers, etc. and all in all in was a really nice way to spend the afternoon (or night if you chose that time!).