SCREEN: Whiplash, Potential Oscar Nominee


Intense face slapping, fast tempos, harsh yelling, sweaty sticks, and a Golden Globe win for J.K. Simmons in Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash, this epic story follows aspiring drummer Andrew, played by Miles Teller, struggling to endure the cruel methods of the thunderous instructor Fletcher, played by J.K Simmons. Fans favorite the movie in many aspects of filmmaking for its direction, cinematography, editing, script and acting. J.K Simmons takes the beat in the film with his horrifying instructional methods to bring about Andrew’s full potential, even if it means tearing him apart.

The film is enjoyable to watch from start to finish. Teller carries you with his witty dialogue and clumsiness and the film’s style keeps your foot tapping along with the music, until Simmons starts hollering and you’re reminded to hold your arm rest once more.  Oscar nominations are surrounding the film for Chazelle’s script and Simmon’s supporting role. Because the feature length film is adapted from Chazelle’s own short film based on the same characters, however, the only script nomination he can hope to get is for Best Adapted Screenplay, placing him in a tough category amongst strong contenders.  At only 29-years-old, Chazelle created a role that won J.K. Simmons a Golden Globe and will surely get both himself and Simmons nominated for their respective Oscars on January 15th.