SCREEN: Why Social Media Posts Should Not Be Taken Seriously

Have you ever gotten that sinking feeling when you’re in your boring drab apartment and you check your social media newsfeed(s) and see your friends in a secluded tropical beach, at some cool exclusive party, or having the most amazing 5 star meal with their loved one? Well don’t be so hard on yourself. Chances are your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/(fill in social media platform) friend is grossly misrepresenting their image.

Social media has become the center of humble-bragging, often based on over-exagerrations and embellishments. People are quick to post the coolest adventures they’ve partaken in, the most expensive food they’ve eaten, dopest events they’ve attended, yet will never post images of the mundane, the boring, the ‘everyday’ (which just so happens to be 85% of our lives).

So when that sinking feeling engulfs you when you open your newsfeed, just know that you shouldn’t believe everything you see. It’s cool to be boring.