MUSIC: D’Angelo – Black Messiah is Mother’fin out.


Well, it’s been an interesting 72 hours or so in the music world. Apparently the world’s best kept secret (take that Sony) Black Messiah, D’Angelo’s new album, is fucking out. It all started from an Instagram photo showing a brand new CD, which spiraled into a cobbled together press release saying that the new album was out Tuesday and that there would be a private listening party (along with a new song released for free by Red Bull) in New York somewhere, which turned into the fact that it was actually going to be out that Sunday night, which turned into everyone having the mythical unicorn in da cloud (and their hard drives) for their Monday morning commute. In addition to his long time collaborator ?uestlove, you have Kendra Foster from Funkadelic Q-Tip, Pino Palladino and James Gadson assisting AND IT’S AWESOME.

Above we’ve got the Sugah Daddy from the album and the tracklist. If you don’t have it, go fucking cop it.

01 Ain’t That Easy
02 1000 Deaths
03 The Charade
04 Sugah Daddy
05 Really Love
06 Back in the Future (Part I)
07 Till It’s Done (Tutu)
08 Prayer
09 Betray My Heart
10 The Door
11 Back in the Future (Part II)
12 Another Life