MUSIC: Best Of Both Offices Vol.4

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When he’s not sacrificing smurfs for more illumaniti powers Jiggaman has his minions running a pretty dope lifestyle blog called Jay-Z Life + Times. They recently partnered up with Immanuel J Smith to release the 4th volume of his great new music compilation, Best Of Both Offices. It’s got some new and upcoming rappers like Dusty Mc Fly and Khary Durgens (who we’ve covered before). Here him tell it below:

Last year, I released three Best of Both Offices compilation tapes for your listening pleasure. This year, I was overwhelmed with a new career field and just going through the motions, but being overwhelmed can be a great thing sometimes. I could’ve put out the fourth Best of Both Offices compilation tape out earlier this year, but I wanted to make it the best product I possibly could. I started working on Best of Both Offices Vol. IV in February 2014 and completed it at the end of November 2014. I wanted to make something great, something successful. Like Frank Underwood said “Success is preparation with a little luck”. As we close out 2014 and enter a new year, enjoy the official fourth installment of the Best of Both Offices mixtape series.

Listen here