FOOD: Istana Sushi & Wok [Hoboken, NJ]

Continuing my cold weather tradition of never leaving my apartment unless absolutely necessary, I managed to pinpoint a spot that allows me to get my sushi fix from the comfort of my couch. Similar to the way I discovered Americana Grill and Cafe, I chose to order from Istana Sushi and Wok of Hoboken in a moment of desperation as my stomach grumbled loudly yet my stubbornness to venture out into the frigid weather held strong. It was cold, I was tired, and my laptop was within reach–and so my takeout relationship with Istana began.

Istana is my one of my favorites because they have proven to be a reliable delivery source that gets accurate orders to my door in a reasonable amount of time–even on a busy weekend night. Though my original purpose was sushi, Istana has ridiculously large menu, including Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian and Thai cuisine. This is great for satisfying large groups and indecisive diners like myself.

Egg rolls are high on my list of favorite appetizers and I love that Istana allows me to combine them with my beloved sushi in one glorious, diversified order.

Egg Roll and Sushi

My favorite specialty roll is the Sunshine Roll–tuna, salmon, avocado, seaweed salad, and a touch of spicy sauce–a beautiful marriage of spicy and sweet. The seaweed salad also adds a little crunch to accompany the creaminess of the avocado. Istana also impresses in the classic roll department, but be advised that the spiciness in these rolls has more of a Tabasco taste as opposed to the spicy mayo flavor. I typically ask for some spicy mayo on the side.


Spicy Yellowtail Roll and Sunshine Roll

Their delivery service is free but there’s a required minimum of $12 dollars. Personally, I don’t find this hard to hit when there are so many tasty rolls and other options to bulk up your order. They also make the ordering process extremely accessible as you can place it on GrubHub or through the restaurant’s website.

Istana’s never-ending menu can hook you up with miso soup, crab rangoon, and Thai curry all in one order and have the delicious delicacies to your door in no time. Maybe one day I’ll venture out and see what Istana is all about on the inside but until then, I’ll continue to enjoy Istana from the cozy comfort of my winter sanctuary–and I highly suggest you do the same. At your own sanctuary though, not mine. We have limited couch space.

Istana Sushi & Wok
936 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030