LIVE: Chance The Rapper and RBSS 30 Days In LA

Day 15:  Red Bull Sound Select hit the halfway point of their 30 Days In LA spectacle and brought one of Hip-Hop’s it-men, Chance The Rapper.  Live at arguably the best venue in LA, House Of Blues, RBSS opened the night with 2 acts they hope to launch during these 30 days.  Setting it off was Kamandi from New Zealand bringing his brand of down tempo Electronic and Trap to the sold out crowd.  Up second was American MC Azizi Gibson backed by Kamandi who recently produced a number of tracks for him that can be heard on both of their sound cloud pages.  If you haven’t heard of Azizi, that’s alright because the crowd was familiar, reciting lines from his songs through the entire show.

Between sets the crowd became anxious.  In this stream everything anytime culture who has the time to wait 20 min for the stage to be set up.  Ya know?  Amidst chants, or rather demands, of “We want Chance” the show began.  Running the stage, Chance plowed through banger after banger as the obviously strong fan base went crazy.  After hitting everyone in the head the lights were lowered and a spotlight hit Chance to allow him to bring the vibe down for a more intimate set which lead up to a climactic finally, leaving the house fully satisfied.

A Red Bull photographer turns and tells me a story about how 2 years ago at SXSW in Austin, TX Chance was begging him to take his picture.  Now here he is headlining a sold out show for Red Bull in Hollywood!

15 more days to go.

photos by Jeanna Ross