FOOD: Skinner’s Loft [Jersey City, NJ]

I had danced around trying Skinner’s Loft of Jersey City for months, and when I finally did, I was both happy and sad. Happy that I finally opened my taste buds to the new and wonderful possibilities, and sad that I had waited so long to do so. At first (internet based) glance, I feared it would be a pretentious atmosphere and that’s just not how I like to spend my grub time. I was promptly proven wrong by the warm atmosphere that pulls you in and gives you a cozy squeeze when you walk through the door.


This is a great winter spot for date night or an intimate dinner party with the low light glowing from candles at each table and a classic yet elegant décor. Furnishings aside, Skinner’s Loft will start you off with a lengthy beer, wine and cocktail menu. I find myself especially pleased by this vodka and fresh squeezed lemonade with basil.



Skinner’s Loft offers a lunch, dinner, and brunch menu, each featuring different items with some overlapping here and there. What you can expect at every meal that they offer is a mix of delectable small plates to pick at and share alongside satisfying entrées to hog for yourself, all encompassing a wide spread from Pan Seared Wild Salmon to Filet Mignon Sliders.

Mac & Cheese


Filet Mignon Sliders


If you don’t get around to trying Skinner’s Loft during the colder months, it shouldn’t lose ambiance points in the other seasons–they have a rooftop that opens as the flowers bloom and the temperature rises. But since the warmth of summer isn’t on the horizon, I would highly recommend hitting this spot during the winter, as happy hour specials and delicious food are available all year round at Skinner’s Loft.

Skinner’s Loft
146 Newark Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07302