FOOD: Andrea Salumeria [Jersey City, NJ]

Andrea Salumeria sits on one of the busiest streets in Jersey City, but the location is not what keeps the customers flowing. From hungry people on their lunch break looking for a deliciously stacked sandwich to seniors who want some authentic fresh mozzarella to serve at Sunday dinner–there is always someone walking through the door and into a friendly greeting from behind the counter.

Andrea opened this popular Italian deli back in 1975 and it has remained a family business ever since; perhaps that is what gives this spot the warm atmosphere that is evident from the moment you enter. Inside Andrea’s, the shelves are stocked with authentic delicacies imported from Italy that you won’t find in your regular supermarket. While the menu offers a lot of what you can expect from an Italian deli (i.e. soups, salads, sandwiches), it’s the freshness and quality of their ingredients that separates Andrea’s from the rest. They make a fresh batch of mozzarella twice a day and have cold cuts delivered four times a week to ensure their customers’ satisfaction.

One of their most coveted creations is known as The Soprano. This sandwich is packed with prosciutto, sopressata, mozzarella, sundried tomatoes, and extra virgin olive oil (I prefer balsamic vinegar instead as pictured below).


The Soprano (with balsamic vinegar)

The slices of meat and freshly made cheese are impressively thick and piled high on excellent bread–soft in the center, wonderfully absorbs the condiments, but doesn’t become a soggy, spongy mess. There isn’t any kind of formal menu up on their walls so crafting your own masterpiece sandwich is fair game as well.


Prosciutto, Mozzarella, Sundried Tomatoes, Roasted Red Peppers, Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Their sandwiches are not just vertically impressive–they are a foot long and, depending on your appetite and willpower, can easily be turned into two satisfying meals when split. Andrea’s is not just a spot to grab lunch either; you can choose from their wide selection of meats and cheeses to make a grand platter for the next holiday or family gathering.

So the next time you are feeling hungry, have a group of friends to impress or just feel a little lonely and want someone to treat you like their best friend, stop by Andrea Salumeria’s for a big taste of authentic Italy and a little bit of conversation. They make it known that they are always happy to see you, whoever you are.

Andrea Salumeria
247 Central Avenue
Jersey City, NJ 07307