FOOD: Housetrip’s NYC Food Guide Has All You Newbie Foodies Covered


Having lived in NYC for three years (and growing up just outside it for practically my whole life), it never ceases to amaze me at just how much there is to do here – and more importantly, how much there is to eat. My list of eateries to conquer has only grown by tenfold, no matter how much of them I tackle, and I know the city ridiculously well – but what about those who have the same zest for eating as I do, who aren’t natives of the area?

If you’re one of these people – Housetrip’s made the guide just for you. Their NYC Food Guide was especially created for those who plan to visit or have just moved to New York City, this guide covers all the basic food facts one might need to know in order to even begin to delve into the city’s food culture.  Divided into sections such as “Famous Local Dishes” (which gives an overview of NYC staples such as the Cronut and the classic bagel), “Eat Like a Local” (which provides a selection of the city’s most current happening spots), and “Cook Like a Local” (highlighting the city’s best markets and farmers’ markets, such as my favorite neighborhood gem, Union Square Greenmarket) – the guide is also dotted with travel tips and additional helpful commentary on foodie hot-spots from enthusiastic New York-ites.

Want in on the fun? Download their guide here and if you’re feeling adventurous, check out their other city guides!

[This post was written in association with Housetrip.]