LIVE: Fader Fort at CMJ 2014

What’s great about the Fader Fort in CMJ is that it’s a cheat sheet to some of the best bands playing the music marathon. Sure, you can trek yourself back and forth between Brooklyn and lower Manhattan wasting cab fare trying to plead your way into a venue as big as someone closet to peek over giant dudes with fashionable hair to get a glimpse of ANOTHER act tapping on a laptop.

But Fader is so well curated that it’s basically a cheat sheet of all the bands you should be trying to see, along with a few surprises here and there. Where else can you see Blood Orange pop on stage to play with Kindness (who jacked some of his band members for the performance). Or where someone like this:

can just pop in on a Saturday night to drop a new song?

We spent waaayy too much time at Fader and here’s what we remember after the tenth drink made with Avion Tequila. We remember being impressed by those ‘No Flex Zone’ munchkins Rae Sremmurd. They were so unnecessarily turned up during the entirety of their performance it was like M.O.P. was on stage. The aforementioned Kindness tore up the stage with an extremely danceable version of R&B and disco. The masculine named George Maple was anything but; she was a solid singer singing sweet vocals over bombastic dance tracks. And Willow Smith (who brought out SZA to assist) was so surprisingly solid she even made the local news.