FOOD: Tink’s [NYC]


Another installment of me exploring the East Village coming right up!

I walk to work now, which is pretty awesome, and just about everyday I walk past Tink’s on 7th between 1st and A.  Granted, in the morning and on the way home from work there is no one ever there (it’s not even open at 8:30 in the morning) this place is pretty busy for brunch.

Considering brunch is basically a New York constitution, I found myself in the need for a brunch location when my mom came to check out the new ‘hood.  I had a list of places in mind: Back Forty, Root & Bone, Westville, etc. but when it came time to actually leave, I felt like we should just wing it.  I could Google bars and restaurants all day until the sun went down but it’s equally fun to just get out there and see where you end up.

And this is where we stopped.  This place is small–like really small.  Almost like a Whitman’s situation without a downstairs, and one lonely outdoor table that’s kinda cool in an exclusive sorta way.  But regardless, it was around 1:30 on a Sunday and there was only a 10 minute wait for a table for three.  Perhaps we missed the rush, but basically anything could be considered a rush because this place is so small, but either way we were pleased.

Their prices are pretty standard: $16 gets you an entree, mimosa, and a coffee, which on this particular Sunday was perfect.  I wasn’t quite mood to drink all I could drink and the menu fit the bill.  I immediately spotted a grilled cheese (pictured above) and just had to do it.  I can never say no to grilled cheese or mac and cheese–we know this about me by now.  But it was all very good.  My mom had shrimp and grits which if I were to go back (I will, don’t worry) that’s what I’m getting.

Tink’s is perfect for a lovely brunch with a cool ambiance and a super nice staff.  Everyone was really friendly and the vibe was just really chill.  This looks like it will be my Fall go-to for sure.

102 East 7th Street
New York, NY 10009