FOOD: Foolish Craig’s [Boulder, CO]

I recently abandoned my nest on the East Coast and ventured just under 2,000 miles west to Boulder, Colorado. I was mentally prepared to find myself overwhelmed with beautiful scenery, but I was not prepared to be overwhelmed with the deliciousness that I encountered at Foolish Craig’s.

Photo Credit: Foolish Craig’s Facebook

Foolish Craig’s is located on bustling Pearl Street in downtown Boulder tucked amongst trendy shops and eateries. This hot spot serves up breakfast, lunch and dinner at reasonable prices with huge flavor, but is best known for its crepes. These crepes aren’t filled with your run of the mill Nutella/fruit combos–you won’t find any of that at Craig’s. Instead they fill their crepes with mix-ups that bring together veggies, potatoes, cheeses, and all types of protein that will undoubtedly fill you up with a significant food baby.

The Fahgeddaboudit with a Side of Grits

Some standouts from their creative line-up include the Fahgeddaboudit and The Foolish Craig. Inside the Fahgeddaboudit you will find crispy chicken, spinach mushrooms, onions, mozzarella and crushed walnuts, topped off with marinara sauce and parmesan cheese. The Foolish Craig folds up bacon, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, onion, and house potatoes, topped off with eggs cooked to your liking and zesty salsa.


The Foolish Craig

And how do you wash down such delightful delicacies at Foolish Craig’s? With amazing cocktails of course! They offer a full service bar with happy hour specials six days a week. But what we need to focus on right now are brunch-themed cocktails, because I went to Boulder hating Bloody Marys, and I left with a newfound love–and that is all because of their Bacon Bloody Mary. This beverage was spicy and savory and I admittedly finished the entire drink along with the bacon before the first course hit the table.

The Bacon Bloody Mary

Classic Mimosa 

After filling your belly with tasty crepes and bacon beverages, you might not think there’s any room left inside of you–but it is absolutely necessary to sacrifice the lining of your stomach for one last indulgence: The Crepe Cake.

The Crepe Cake

The Crepe Cake–featured on the Food Network’s Diner’s, Drive Ins and Dives–stacks crepes on crepes on crepes with sweet filling in between layers and finishes them off with butter rum cream cheese and caramel sauce. Warning: consuming this dessert may result in uncontrollable groans of satisfaction.

Layers of Love

Foolish Craig’s is not just a place that is acceptable to start breakfast with booze and finish it off with dessert. They have an extensive lunch and dinner menu that can satisfy your cravings for burgers, pasta, seafood and more–all while serving you fresh local ingredients and bread baked in-house.

Eat fresh, local, and more than a person should ever consume at Foolish Craig’s of Boulder. You won’t even mind that you popped your pants button.

Foolish Craig’s
1611 Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80302