RECIPE: Disco Fries, All Grown Up

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After all this time writing about food, I can’t believe I haven’t even touched upon my all-time favorite dish: the ultimate indulgent, most extra-special plate that ever existed… disco fries.

The art of the disco fry is perfected only by shiny silver clad, extra tacky diners and it really only tastes its very best when served up late night by hairnet-wearing, super Jersey diner waitresses, but in the interest of classing things up a bit, here’s the grown-up version, which you can make in any setting – hairnet or no hairnet.

Any selection of potatoes – I used one medium-sized sweet potato, one small purple potato, and one medium-sized Russet potato. The more colors you can incorporate into the dish, the better!
Vegetable oil
A sprinkle of salt
Gravy – you can use whatever you want here, I used a mixture of bouillon, chicken broth, gluten-free Bisquick, a pat of butter, and a little salt and pepper
Shredded mozzarella cheese

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Take all your potatoes and put them through a spiraler – you can of course slice these thinly in any way you want, but a spiraler is more fun because curly fries are awesome.

Dry your potatoes – I put them through a spinning colander, then on a tray lined with paper towels.

Double fry everything in a medium pot filled about halfway with vegetable oil. I did this in small batches – frying a small clump of spirals for just a few minutes, letting it dry out a bit, and then frying it again for another couple minutes, so it all gets extra crispy. If you use a sweet potato, you might want to double your fry time.

Right after frying, sprinkle salt all over the fries as to your liking.

You can prepare your gravy during or after you take care of the fries. As we all know, I’m the worst recipe writer because I’m one of those “let’s see what happens” cooks and I don’t write anything down ever, but I took the ingredients listed above until it came to a consistency and taste that I liked. You can always use your own recipe or even a ready made kind.

After you pour the gravy over the fries, immediately sprinkle the mozzarella all over it so it gets all melty. Immediately consume, whether you eat it on your own or share with friends – there’s no judging with disco fry consumption. Enjoy!