LIVE: Still Trill? What the Next Generation Thinks About the Trillectro Music Festival

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[Photo by Carrie Epps]

Congrats, Trillectro Music Festival! With your third annual showing on Saturday, you’ve officially made it past your terrible twos! But you know what that means now, right? It means you’re old, and that’s not very trill. Or, maybe it is still trill, but its initial audience — now in their mid- to late-20s — isn’t apt to be a good judge because they’re old now, too! To that end, we invited Melia Humphrey, 19, to attend the festival and share her thoughts. A rising sophomore at Towson University with an affinity for turn-up music, Trillectro was her first ever festival experience.

When asked what she was expecting from the day, her main concerns were for the audience and the EDM portion of the festival. “I was originally expecting a pushy, rowdy crowd,” she said. (Point of fact: a fight broke out during the Migos’ set.) “Also, I felt that the EDM music wouldn’t appeal to me,” citing the genre’s repetitiveness. (Fair point: how many of us have sarcastically imitated it with a series of womps and wobbles?)

“I was very wrong,” she said. “Trillectro was great, even in the rain.”


[Our intrepid 19-year-old correspondent; source: Instagram]

On the vibes:

“What was great about Trillectro is that it felt like a big family. So much interaction that you couldn’t have walked out the concert not meeting at least a handful of people.”

Did they seem to be having a good time?:

“The crowd as a whole were either really into it, or not with it but still polite. When they didn’t like a song or didn’t know the song, the listened to the words and tried to get into the music.”

On festival fashion:

“I noticed that majority of the population wore dark colors to the event. Shorts, crop tops, sandals, HUF products. [Ed: I’m an old person, but you guys, there was so much exposed butt cheek. You would’ve sworn it was 90º and humid instead of 75 and rainy.] But when the rain started pouring down, ponchos became the fashion trend in the crowd. Two totally different looks, but it was quite amusing.”

It was really rainy, but:

“Not even rain turns down this crowd. Umbrellas up, party on.”

On drones:

When we talked to her after the festival, she seemed to be particularly taken by the camera drone that appeared over the crowd during Migos’ set. “I just so happened to look at the sky for rain clouds, but instead found a drone flying over the audience. Never have I seen anything like that so that was really cool.“

But were there any air horns?:

“I have a newfound respect for [EDM]. I heard different artists I didn’t know existed till that day. They were all talented and it gives them the exposure they need to branch out. [The festival] showed me that EDM can switch it up and be just as entertaining as hip-hop. Plus seeing different likes of people jamming to the same song raised my appreciation for the music.”

Bottom line:

“I definitely would recommend this to people my age,” she said. “You meet great people and create a bond over great music. But nothing can top that damn drone.”


“The only thing I would change about the festival is that they should have seating on the side lines for general admission.”

Totally agree.