LIVE: Fader X Goose Island Bring Vic Mensa and Tanlines to Rough Trade NYC

Fader and Goose Island brought their Analog Migration party over to New York and it was a doozy. Celebrating Goose Island’s Chicago area code having 312 Pale Ale it was a night of good times, good tunes, and of course good beer in the back venue of record store Rough Trade.

It was appropriate for the night that Chicago native Vic Mensa came out first. in rock star mode; Mensa ran a full marathon around the stage pulling out each and every superstar mic clutch move he had. The smile never left his face and you could tell Mensa was on a high from performing at Lollapalooza the weekend before. And just like that show he pulled a guitarist on stage to cover The White Stripes, “Seven Nation Army” to a surprised and welcoming crowd.

Tanlines came out last and did a solid set. It’s been a few years since their last full length, Mixed Emotions, and it seems they have a new one in store considering how many new songs they played that night (it seems the new record might have a slightly less dancy-er vibe). Not to leave their old fans wanting, they ended with a slightly re-worked (new intro) version of their hit, “All Of Me”