INTERVIEW: Jayceeoh Launches Super 7 Records


Jayceeoh blew up out of nowhere!  That’s the beauty of reality TV, isn’t it?  The truth is that most people don’t know the story of his self-made success before going up another notch thanks to winning VH1’s Master Of The Mix DJ competition show.  Pre-reality TV, Jake Osher was already a staple at most major night clubs from NYC to Hollywood, a touring DJ for artists including Wiz Khalifa and Sammy Adams, plus a popular Mix-CD producer for numerous brands and blogs.  The prestige of winning a televised competition didn’t make him lazy.  In fact it ramped up his productivity and ambition, leading to the recent launch of his own label, Super 7 Records, a name taken from his popular collaborative mix series.


“Winning that show has helped open a lot of doors that were half way open before,” Jayceeoh reflects, “before I won the show I had respect within the industry [amongst] a lot of DJs but not so much within the producer world. Now that people are paying attention I need to show-and-prove non-stop until I hit the next pinnacle. A lot of cats would have won, took the money and been like, “ah I’m chilling, I fuckin made it.’ I don’t even care about that money or the type of gigs that come from being VH1’s Master Of The Mix. Truthfully, I don’t even put that on fliers unless the club is really adamant about it.  I’d rather be known as Jayceeoh, the dope DJ and producer than some reality TV winner.”


It is this mentality that has propelled him into new territory as a producer over the past year and change, refusing to squander the limelight awarded to him.  “My routine used to be 90% of the time sweating people trying to get gigs, trying to chase down checks.  Now that’s not a worry for me. I have people booking my gigs and chasing down checks for me so all of my free time when I’m home is dedicated towards producing and making records and enhancing my life.”  His soundcloud was hit with a shot of adrenaline, posting at least 1 track a month since getting the free time to focus on creating, not just the playing of music.  Proof of quality is in the fact that in 2014 he has already had releases by labels including Fools Gold (“Damn”), a Wiz Khalifa remix through Atlantic Records, a remix for The Bloody Beetroots (who he toured with as an opener this year) on Dance super label Ultra and a brand new banger, “Go Harder 2.0”, on Dubstep star Borgore’s Buygore Records.  Each remix is it’s own entity but still distinctly Jayceeoh in that they combine all of the styles you would here in his live sets from Hip-Hop to Electronic.  This is exemplified in his first single on Super 7 Records, “Scream”, by him, Ruen and Mister Gray.


“I made [‘Scream’] beginning of the summer and I’ve been playing it at a lot of shows.  I went on tour with The Bloody Beetroots, been playing in Vegas [at Light and Drai’s], went to Europe and literally played this record every show. Every time it went off and no one had ever heard it before so I said, ‘this is a great record!’  The fact that it starts off big room Electro then drops to Trap back to Electro and back to Trap kind of speaks to my style.  It projects the energy that I have when I’m live and it’s the type of [track] I want to put out. For the first single I wanted it to be hype and something people would play.”


Variety seems to be the vision for the label.  “I’m kind of basing the label the way I based the Super 7 mix tape series. The concept of the series is me putting on my peers who are dope.  DJs would hit me up like, ‘yo, what genre should I do for my Super 7 mix.’ I’m like ‘dude, do whatever the [hell] you want, just as long as it’s the dopest mix you can do and the most flavorful.’ I know for a fact that on Super 7 [Records] there’s going to be some  straight Hip-Hop, there’s gonna be Trap, there’s gonna be Electronic.”  Beyond the club tracks, he has also been working with talent he has discovered on his travels around the world, including Lauren Faith and Lady Leisure out of the UK.


With a growing catalogue of originals, the label will be an outlet to readily load Beatport and iTunes with new product. “Every record is it’s own battle ,” a poignant metaphor coming from a true turntablist.  “I don’t want to sit on records for too long ’cause I know I’m gonna make 10 more in the time that I wait.”   The current climate is perfect as EDM is king with Hip-Hop/Trap as a major contender for the crown.  A recipe that makes Jayceeoh optimistic.  “that’s where I think a lot of things are gravitating towards. I think the more that that happens and the more that my stock raises, people will go back to my catalogue like ‘God damn, this dude remixed all this.  And they’re dope!”

– Dominic Painter


“Scream” featuring Ruen and Mister Gray is available now from Super 7 Records on iTunes and Beatport


“Go Harder 2.0” featuring Made Monster is available August 22nd as a FREE DOWNLOAD on


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