FOOD: Korilla BBQ [New York City]

In this world of overpriced cocktails and online shopping, a girl needs to know how to budget; one of the best ways to keep your bank account in check is to brown bag it for lunch. But let’s face it–sometimes the brown bag bites and we need to splurge on one of our favorite lunchtime delicacies. One of the most valid reasons to throw caution to the wind is the Korilla BBQ food truck.


From conception to birth, Korilla BBQ is an entertaining tale as narrated by the creator, Edward “3D” Song; it can be summed up as a couple of culinary artists collaborating with a team of creative gurus to get delectable Korean barbecue on the street for the people to eat. Monday through Friday, Korilla BBQ parks their tiger-themed truck at various spots around New York City between 11:30 a.m. and 3 p.m. to serve up Korean barbecue style rice bowls and wraps (at one point they served salad bowls too but it appears they have been discontinued this year). Monday through Thursday they also serve dinner between 5 and 8 p.m. at varying locations.


As you move down the (always present) line, you encounter seven steps that will assemble your Korean barbecue masterpiece, starting with the “vehicle”–wrap or Chosun rice bowl. The second step is choosing your rice, which is either sticky rice or bacon kimchi fried rice. I’m a huge fan of the sticky rice as it gives a nice base for the rest of the goodies you can get in your wrap or bowl. The bacon kimchi fried rice is also delicious and can be ordered as a side dish.

Then comes time to choose your protein: ribeye, spicy pork, chicken, or tofu. Korilla takes pride in their protein selection–the ribeye is USDA choice grade all-natural black angus, the chicken and pork antibiotic and hormone free, and the tofu house-made and organic. I highly recommend the spicy pork, as it packs a sweet and savory flavor into tender chunks of pork.

Step four asks if you would like to add some cheese and pico to your meal. In my rice bowl (my most common and favorite selection), I usually skip over these, but it could be a solid addition to the wrap by giving it a burrito flavor. But my favorite part comes along at step five–the kimchi pickle bar ($1 extra for the wrap). This is where you get to top your meal with spicy red kimchi, cucumbers, daikon, and slaw. I love the sweet and sour flavors of these additions and they compliment the spicy pork in a drool-inducing way.

Next up: sauces. I have tried all of the options and believe me when I say that the K’illa sauce is hot! The Korilla sauce is my second favorite, only to be trumped by the Korean BBQ sauce. On top of a spicy pork rice bowl–it doesn’t get much tastier than that.

The seventh and last stop is the veggie bar. These extra veggies add some necessary crunch to the softer and sweeter portions of your bowl or wrap. You have the option to tack on squash, bean sprouts, cucumbers, and carrots. I never turn down any of these additions and I would recommend you do the same–mixing it all together turns it into a barbecued stir fry from heaven that is assembled in less than five minutes!

Spicy Pork Rice Bowl (with all the kimchi pickle bar options, veggies and spicy BBQ sauce)

While the best part of the Korilla BBQ truck is the quality and flavor of the food, a close second is the amount of options and customizations! No veggies, double protein? Sure! All veggies, no sauce, hold the cukes? Why not! There is no shame in piling it on exactly how you want it. It’s just one more reason to stalk their websiteTwitter and Facebook to find out when they will be parking at a corner near you.

Korilla BBQ
Coming to a corner near you!