FOOD: El Cid [NYC]

photo (12)

On Friday my friend and I wanted something specific for happy hour.  I wanted outdoor seating (in the summer, you have to take advantage) and my friend wanted sangria.  We felt a little hopeless and that our options were limited.  But then…she found El Cid.

Doing a quick Yelp search lead us here–and we’re very happy it did!  I was a little weary of Chelsea (only because I don’t know it well enough) but the happy hour was exactly what we were looking for and the outdoor seating looked appealing from the photos.

We walked up to the second floor and were transported to an oasis all our own.  We both wanted to catch up and have a few drinks and El Cid was absolutely perfect.  From the street you would never know that this even existed, but now you do.

photo (13)

The staff was super nice and attentive and the drinks were great.  We had red and white sangria for $5 (til 8!), pretty much all of the beers were also $5 as well as their wine selection.  I think we stumbled on one of the next great things.  If you’re looking for a rowdy happy hour this certainly isn’t the place, but if you want a spacious patio with affordable drinks, this is definitely the place for you.  I will most definitely be back–next time to try their food!  The menu was pretty extensive–tapas style–which is perfect for happy hour.  I’m not sure I’d make an entire meal out of it, but the space alone was great for New York.

El Cid
174 8th Avenue
New York, NY 10011